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Buddies Program


The HKIRA Buddies Program is a unique membership benefit to match participating HKIRA members (“Buddies”) with senior investor relations officers (“Buddies Leaders”) to provide an invaluable opportunity for the Buddies to

  • become more acquainted with other HKIRA members through HKIRA events, and
  • broaden horizons and mindsets in the field of IR via advocacy by the HKIRA Buddies Leaders



  • create lasting friendships with like-minded IR professionals
  • learn from IR fellows with extensive experience in IR best practice
  • expand your connection in the IR community
  • participate in exclusive HKIRA events with your buddies cohort and buddies leader
  • build new skills that you might not have otherwise learned before



The Buddies Program will run for 12 months from July 2023 to June 2024. Either Buddies Leader or Buddy can cease their participation in the HKIRA Buddies Program at any time by notifying HKIRA via email.


Eligibility to Join

HKIRA members who currently work at listed companies (or in the past 12 months) are eligible to join for free.

Priority will be given to members who have newly joined HKIRA in May 2023.

The maximum number of Buddies for the Program is 55.

Acceptance to the Program is on a first-come-first-served basis.


Supports from HKIRA

HKIRA is committed to the ongoing improvement of the program. At any time, Buddies and Buddies Leaders are welcome to contact HKIRA, which is to provide support, identify opportunities and troubleshoot issues and work with Buddies and Buddies Leaders to make ongoing adjustments to keep the HKIRA Buddies Program thriving. Buddies and Buddies Leaders are encouraged to provide suggestions and feedbacks to HKIRA at any time with an intention to address any key issues.

The program online orientation was held on 4 August 2023 with the buddy team of the previous year joined to share their happy moment together under the Buddy program.