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Eligibility & Designation

Eligibility for Fellows Application

1. Experience

  • Membership in HKIRA for a minimum of 5 years (or 60 calendar months in total); or a minimum of 3 years, plus completion of a minimum of 10 CPDs per annum in the last 12 months, among which a minimum of 5 CPDs on HKIRA seminars/courses. The determination of whether those CPDs are qualified are at the discretion of HKIRA.
  • IR and/or IR-related working experience for a minimum of 5 years (or 60 calendar months in aggregate), among which, a minimum of 3 years (or 36 calendar months in aggregate) working experience should be attained from listed companies. A copy of his/her current company name card is required to submit together with the application. If the current company’s employment is less than 5 years, a reference letter from the previous employment is required to submit.

2. Education

  • University degree or equivalent, which should be accredited or recognised by HKIRA. Professional and academic qualifications in IR or IR-related fields (if any). A copy of the certificate of the latest qualification is required to submit together with the application.

3. Others

  • Fellowship program is designed to recognise the expertise and professionalism of individuals. The fellowship requirements are therefore applied to the individual applicants but not the corporates. Such requirements include but are not limited to working experience, education and CPD requirements. For example, if a fellow applicant is currently a nominee of HKIRA corporate member, he/she is required to fulfill the CPD requirements under his/her names and cannot use the CPD of the other nominees under the HKIRA corporate membership.
  • Besides membership of HKIRA, IR working experience, education and professional qualification, contribution of the applicant to the IR community and other related criteria will also be considered.
  • The HKIRA Executive Committee determines whether further information is necessary from an applicant and at its discretion may schedule phone interviews with applicant by Executive Committee members to gather more information.

Fellows Designation

  • Fellows will be awarded the designation of "HKIRA Fellow"/"HKIRA資深會員" and such designation will be shown in any HKIRA publication or program when the individual is referenced.
  • Fellows designation is applicable to individuals only and not for corporates.
  • At the discretion of the HKIRA Executive Committee, a Fellows designation may be withdrawn for any action that is in conflict with the principles of HKIRA.