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Aug 2020


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Aug 2020


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July 2020


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July 2020


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Updates on arrangements for general meetings ("GMs"), in light of amendments to the measures currently specified by the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance (Cap.599G)

6 May 2020 (Wed)

View Computershare's guidance to get more informed on the topic.

[Source: Computershare]


Investor Communications in Times of Uncertainty

5 May 2020 (Tue)

Download FTI Consulting's article and get enlightened on the six key areas that business leaders should bear in mind when communicating with the investment community in these uncertain times due to covid19.

[Source: FTI Consulting]


Impacts to general meetings in light of the recent new regulation imposed by the HK Government

2 Apr 2020 (Thu)

Download Tricor's article and get informed on the impacts on planning /holding general meetings due to the public health measures imposed to deter large gatherings in Hong Kong.

[Source: Tricor]


The Activist Landscape

22 July 2016 (Fri)

Download Nasdaq Corporate Solution’s activist landscape report and be prepared when an engagement with an activist investor occurs.

[Source: Nasdaq]


Targeting: Harnessing the Data

22 July 2016 (Fri)

IR teams are using vast databases and advanced analytics to maximize the value of their targeting programs. Learn how to prioritize the firms and investment funds to meet – and identify the right contacts within those firms – to maximize buying potential by reviewing Nasdaq Corporate Solution’s white paper, Harnessing the Data.

[Source: Nasdaq]



18 January 2016 (Mon)

“沪港通”作为中国资本市场持续改革的一部分、作为继 QFII(境外合格机构投资者)制度之后又一开放市场的里程碑式的举措,一经推出,举世瞩目。为了帮助中国境内外投资者在内地和香港两个市场中把握与“沪港通”相关的机会,中金研究部策略组对此课题组 织了系统的研究,这一报告的集合是到目前为止有关这一课题研究成果的汇总